My Mind is Boggled.

Sunday, November 13th, 2005 @ 12:09 pm | Uncategorized

So I downloaded a “half” chapter of “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” (which is on my Holiday Wish List). The chapter in question is translated, and something tells me not by an official translator.

Why do I say that?

See for yourself:


The idea of a Disney character saying “bitch” just blows my widdle mind. SO much that I couldn’t wait till Monday.

  • Powers

    The page as a whole is a decent translation, actually. Fairly close to the original English, which I have here in front of me. The panel in question, however, reads “Just a darn minute! HALT, or I’ll –”

  • sqccb

    Good site!!!

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  • Cerebus36

    It’s not just the word, “bitch”, but that bulge at the crotch, I swear that female duck is actually a she-male.

  • SteveAsat

    Weird! What kind of animal is that gunslinger supposed to be? He’s got hair, so he’s not whatever kind of dog Goofy is. His nose is like Micky’s but he wears pants and has pink skin. He gets called a polecat, which I guess is a racist term in Mouseland, like “bitch” is for no particular reason. Are there humans in that universe?

    I’m going to assume those two girl ducks are Donald’s nephews in drag. Cartoons never bother actually using female characters when there’s an opportunity to put a guy in a wig.

  • retepslluerb

    In that universe, they are all humans. They just look like ducks to us. What you are seeing is a page from Don Rosa, who embraces and extends on Carl Barks. I believe the extras are usually “dogs” , “pigs” or “ducks”, with only a few exceptions, like Gyro Gearlose (chickens) and some Mickey Mouse spillovers.

    Also, the two girls are Scrooge McDucks’s sisters. The story takes place at the site of the Panama canal, when McDuck met visiting President Roosevelt.

  • SteveAsat

    Whoa, that’s actually a simple-n-elegant solution. It raises a question about Mickey’s oddly-appropriate surname, but forestalls complaints about Thanksgiving dinner.

  • retepslluerb

    Well, Donald’s surname – Scrooge’s too – are also stemmed in anthropomorphism – but that’s about it. They aren’t ducks, they aren’t mice. Even though Black Pete is a „cat“ (He’s Kater Karlo – Tomcat Karlo – in German), the „animalness“ doesn’t come into play.