Genocide in Six Seconds.

Thursday, December 28th, 2006 @ 10:53 am | What Were They Thinking

Remember how Supergirl found out her parents were still alive and rescued them from another dimension and then they went to live in Kandor?

Well, I wanna know what they did to torque her off:

  • typolad

    Supergirl has a huge man-package.

    2006-12-28 12:35 pm UTC

  • typolad

    It’s not a man package.

    It’s a SUPER VAGINA.

    2006-12-31 12:42 pm UTC

  • typolad

    “Ooops! Is that bad?” ::giggle::

    2006-12-28 03:30 pm UTC

  • typolad

    Supergirl is a dick. I guess super-dickery runs in the family.

    2006-12-28 06:11 pm UTC

  • typolad

    I like how Superman is still making seven million fellow Kryptonians live in a bottle with a cork in it. What, like he couldn’t find some planet out in the universe where native flora and fauna are diminutive enough so that Kandor could be transplanted there without much fuss? And if it were a yellow or orange sun world, they would have power enough to survive anything just fine.

    So, while in the Fortress was Kandor kept in the trophy room or the intergalactic zoo?

    2006-12-28 06:32 pm UTC

  • typolad

    Read Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes. The Kandorians have their own planet and are all normal sized.

    From the looks of that cover it almost seems that Superman threw the bottle and blamed Supergirl. *L*

    2006-12-28 08:15 pm UTC

  • typolad

    Nice crotch shot, cover artist!

    2006-12-28 09:39 pm UTC

  • typolad

    They forgot her 16th birthday because of her sister’s wedding?

    2006-12-28 10:20 pm UTC

  • typolad

    Supergirl must have just heard about the forthcoming CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

    “What? Kandor is being retconned out of existence? AND ME TOO?!? AFTER THEY KILL ME FIRST!?”

    “What the hell, I always wanted to do this anyways!” CRAAAASH!

    2006-12-29 08:53 pm UTC

  • typolad

    Tell me this won’t serve as the catalyst for a bloom of minitature city-destroying fetish sites.

    2006-12-31 02:46 pm UTC

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  • SteveAsat

    “My god, you’re a genocidal maniac and…damn, those shorts are really quite short, aren’t they? I-I mean, you will have to face the consequences for your atrocity. Justice demands…I’m thinking a spanking of some sort is in order. A SUPER-spanking. Unfortunately, it now appears I am the sole surviving Kryptonian capable of administering such a…I can’t see you Zod, you can stop waving your arms like that.”