From the Same Issue as The Last X- Panel

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 @ 4:56 am | Bad Science, Odd Powers, What Were They Thinking

More wackiness with Magneto’s powers.

How exactly is Magneto manipulating ice?

I’m very set for content. Barely dipped into X-Men and I still have Amazing Spider-Man and Teen Titans clips to sort through. On top of that Ilve started Detective Comics…. and this is all with a few Wonder Woman and Thor panels left to post!

Looks like the third year of the blog should be just as full as the first two.

I totally forgot to note the Blogaversarry though. Tch.

  • Zereth

    Weren’t you listening? Magnetically! He explained this already!

    I’ve always thought that Magento’s poweres weren’t “Control over magnetism” but “he can do anything as long as he mentions magnetism while doing it”.

  • HellRazor

    “How exactly is Magneto manipulating ice?”

    He sealed the opening up…magnetically!

  • HellRazor

    That’s nothing. My favorite is how he can turn you into a slave by manipulating the iron content in your brain.

  • Gingold

    It’s quite simple- Clearly Magneto has manipulated the magnetic field of the earth, creating a new North Pole in the area where he’s fighting Bobby, and the North Pole means, you know, ice and stuff.

  • Powers

    Apparently this is a case of “A new villain who can do anything the plot requires needs explanation for mysterious powers. Radiation, magic, and alien species overdone; need something new. Hmm, how about magnetism!”

  • Matt

    Obviously the water that Ice Guy made the ice out of has a high iron content and Magneto is using that iron to push the ice. Although, if he were just moving the iron, that would probably break the ice, not just move it. I mean, it’s kind of like trying to remove the eggs from a chocolate cake. So that would be a cool way for him to get Ice Guy out, but not how to keep him in.

    I’m all out of ideas.

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Shiai

    This is even worse then when they established that Magneto’s consciousness could leave his body and travel around the world on magnetic wavelengths, allowing his ‘ectoplasmic’ form to go anywhere in the blink of an eye. At least that was crazy enough to sound kind of plausible in comic book science, but this is just a bad plot twist.

  • km

    Also, please note, magnetism *is* now green.

    Happy blogiversary, Typo!

  • HellRazor

    “Now you shall feel the power of Magneto as FEW have ever felt it BEFORE!

    …mainly because I make up my powers as I go along and I try not to use the same one twice!”

  • Dierna

    Magneto must have gone to the same “Gain as many weird and unusual powers” store as Superman

  • MikeRM

    “This charade has gone on long enough!”

    You said it, Mags.

  • Maker

    Alright, I figured out how Magneto’s power works. He’s made a time vortex and continuously steals Superman’s power from the 1930′s, magnetically. Only he’s clever enough to not steal the super strength and those more obvious powers so no one finds out.

  • Lisa

    Heh, these comments are funny! I think it is possible to affect water via a electromagnetic field. Scientists have made frogs float in mid-air and parted water in a vat a-la Moses. But I doubt that would extend as far as ice. A EM field could possibly melt ice through vibrations, but that would probably take a long time, longer than it would take Iceman to take Magneto out.

    What is really sad about this, is I have a character who has EM powers, and there are so much cool things you could do with that sort of power, that is, if you actually do your research.

  • HellRazor

    Yes, do your research…magnetically!

  • ouch

    that explains everything. Magneto is indeed Moses, who turned villain and came to the future. this is obvious, as he changed his name, but left thie initial M…

  • Lisa

    *does research magnetically* Oops, I think I erased your computer, sorry!

  • Michael Ho

    This is ironically the most realistic depiction of his powers. As Water is SLIGHTLY magnetic do to it being a polar molecule. It has been done in real life to levitate a frog,albeit with a HUGE amount of equipment and energy, but given that Magneto can easily lift steel bridges that is not a problem.