Green Lantern is a Classist

Monday, November 24th, 2008 @ 12:00 am | What Were They Thinking

“Sorry, I only save white collar workers.”

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    That’s okay. The title lettering caught him.

  • Dierna

    People on the street: “That man is falling to his dooooom!!”
    Green Lantern: “…meh…”

  • Shiai

    What’s with those size 18 feet?

  • sezaar

    I just had my ass waxed, sod off.

  • onion3000

    Allowing for reaction time and speaking quickly, the window cleaner has been falling for about nine seconds by the time these guys finish telling GL to do something. He’s already fallen 1440 feet and has about one third of a second before he’s street pizza.
    Luckily the quick-thinking Lantern has written his name in the sky with his ring. Egotistical git.

  • Steppen

    Gosh, I first thought GL was “on the game”

  • Michael

    You have to laugh at that “high code of behavior” stuff.

    Also, I guess this is the answer to why he was always helping the purple skins and the orange skins and the blue skins, but never did anything for the black skins.

  • Naryldor

    Still exhausted from helping venusian blue-skinned troglodytes, I presume…

  • sackett

    Call me a pervert…but my eye is drawn to the way the woman’s skirt is being hiked up. Is the corner of her purse snagged on the hem?? Is she treating GL to a show, and that’s why he hasn’t noticed the falling man??

    Tune in next week for the shocking answers!!

  • Megalon

    How can GL examine his fingernails when he’s wearing gloves?

  • Dierna


    He stole Superman’s x-ray vision of course.

  • ILuvLA

    The grammar in that caption is really messed up:

    “Yet how explain it? And how explain further, the other puzzling acts of the Emerald Gladiator …”

  • MikeRM

    Onion3000: it seems to be a basic law of comics that as much dialog (and, in fact, action) as the writers want can be fitted in while anyone falls any distance. It’s the First Law of Comics Falling.

    It goes along with the other two laws of comics falling:

    2. A hero can always overtake a falling person in time to catch them, regardless of their head start.

    3. When caught, they are completely unharmed – being caught by a superhero and decelerated to a sudden stop does no damage, but being decelerated the same amount by a pavement does.

  • Maniac Doc

    Gwen Stacy would like a word with law #3.

    Michael says: “You have to laugh at that “high code of behavior” stuff.”

    I know I did! The narrator doesn’t appear to have been reading the same stories we have.

  • Powers

    ILuvLA: It’s uncommon but valid. Consider the parallel sentence (fragment): “But why help a stranger?” I don’t know of any reason that the implied subject can be omitted with “why” but not with “how”.

  • ILuvLA

    Powers, it’s not the implied subject that’s missing, it’s “to”:

    “Yet, how to explain it?” makes sense. “Yet how explain it” does not. It’s as if your example was “But why help stranger?”

  • onion3000

    Sorry guys but you’ve both got hold of the wrong end of the stick, and you’re beating around the bush with it. It’s actually a typo, and should read:

    “Yet WHY explain it? And WHY explain further blah blah blah…”

    Grammatically impeccable (Except the ‘And’ at the start of the latter sentence), and suits the feel early GL perfectly.

  • LittlePig

    And so the Green Lanterns of the Cosmos gathered for High Court.

    “You stand accused of letting an innocent human fall to his death, ignoring his plummeting plight of peril when he could have easily been saved. Green Lantern of Sector 2814, what possible explanation can you provide for this despicable dereliction of duty?”

    “I owed the guy $20″

    “Oh! Well in that case, court’s adjourned!”

  • MikeRM

    True, ManiacDoc, there’s an implied Fourth Law:

    4. When the plot dictates otherwise, the first three laws do not apply.

  • SteveAsat

    Damn, Julie Schwartz loved nothing better than having a superhero go all bershon in the line of duty.  I think about one in four covers of Superman and Action from the mid-1970s had him standing around like a jerk while banks got robbed, Clark Kent got beat up, or Metropolis died of thirst.