“Just Like a Woman”

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 @ 4:54 am | Sexism, What Were They Thinking

The object is worried because all the Alpha males are goneÂ…

Now if Roy Thomas had written this, he’d say, “just like a female.”

It’s important to note those stylistic differences.

Last “Jean the Object”. Promise.

The new version of WordPress has “broken” both my Treo clients. Bah.

  • HellRazor

    “Shaddup, bitch, and go make me another samwhich!”

  • http://comixbearbarecomix.blogspot.com/ Comixbear

    Frankly, I’m more disturbed by the position that Hank has put himself into. Personally, I suspect he has his mind on something OTHER than where the rest of the team is!


  • Kyra

    Gotta love the object’s reaction. “You promised…! *whine*” Other than, say, kick his ass into the next millenia.

  • Powers

    Call me crazy, but I think Hank actually looks better with blue fur than with that silly mask on.

  • Who, me?

    “Ok, Jean. I’ll be serious. Let me see if I have this right. Everyone is gone except for you and me. You’re here in my bedroom. I’m here on my bed. Say, Jean. You know that old saying about a guy’s foot size?” (Cue Barry White music)

  • Shiai

    Apparently, Jean’s role on the team isn’t even as grand as being the The Object…she’s really just the family dog, fretting because her “people” have left her practically alone in the house.

    Someone check the carpets for pee spots.

  • Dierna

    “Now rub my giant feet woman!”

  • Dave D

    “The Professor and Cyclops are gone, and so is their CAR! Angel is ALSO gone, and so are his WINGS!”

  • Jen

    I love how they hang out around the mansion in their costumes. With the masks on. Can’t have the house plants learning their secret I.D.’s!

  • Kyra

    To be fair, on this particular dialogue is not set in the mansion but in an hospital (the X-Men are recovering from some major @asskicking from Juggernaut)
    Still, they sure DO put on these masks wayyyyy to often.

  • Maker

    Nitpick: If they’re so worried about their secret identities maybe they should use codenames.

  • km

    Leaving Jean’s whining aside for a sec…that’s gotta be some of the dumbest ‘erudite’ dialogue I’ve seen in awhile.

    For one thing, Stan, Hank should be teasing Jean about being upset at having no one to talk *to*, not that no one’s taking to her. Let’s at least put the minimum effort into keeping our sexist cliches straight, here, hmmmm?