Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 @ 12:00 am | Odd Bad Guys, What Were They Thinking

Some bad guys have awesome names. Names that just evoke fear. Names like Doctor Doom, the Red Skull, Deathstroke… the list goes on.

Then there’s this guy:

Not exactly a scary name.

His whole shtick, by the way, is that he was legally dead. Which would give him some sort of anonymity, if he didn’t sign his actual name. Of course, it helps that his arch-foe, the Flame, is kinda simple.

Amazingly, the fact that the bad guy signed his name isn’t the clincher for him.

  • Dr. Novakaine

    Well, to be fair, anyone can sign anyone's name. A copycat killer might be especially inclined to do so, if they felt that the person they were copying deserved better (or maybe not, if they wanted to be known as better, but this is fantasy, so anything can happen). The point is, a signature by itself is not proof of anything.

    But I have to agree that the name “Doctor Drool” does not incite a lot of fear.

  • Dierna

    Dr. Drool?? What does he do? Leave puddles of drool wherever he walks that make people slip and fall?

    Now lesse what this Dr. Drool fellow is all about:
    “Dr. Drool was a madman who had been executed for murder. He was resurrected – twice! – by his hunchback assistant and tried to kill the men who had sentenced him to death. The Flame thwarted his scheme every time, but each time he kept rising from the dead. He used fear to kill the victims by causing them to go into a state of panic with letters warning them of his coming and then “shooting” them with blanks to cause a fatal heart attack.”

    Wow…um… Sinestro could have a use for him. *lol*

  • Naryldor

    You have to love the skull-headed monster in the threat note, is that supposed to inspire panic in anybody?

    Also, was Dr. Drool a crossdresser or what? Weren't there any male dummies?

  • sezaar

    He makes Hal Jordan look like a rocket scientist:

    - If I dress up as the flame in my own house, no-one will gues that Gary Preston and the Flame are the same person.

    - There's something dark and mysterious about the sudden death of a jury member who put an evil madmen on trial? I never would have guessed myself…

    - Let's see the victim was a jury member of the Dr Drool-case, Drool threatened them all and now there is a note signed by Dr Drool next to the body. My god, could Drool be connected to this case? Now that's thinking outside of the box!

    It is as a final note always great to know that grave robbing is so easy to do.

  • Rorschach

    Beware the lethal liquids of…DOCTOR DROOL!

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    Gotta love it when a guy sites at home reading the newspaper in full costume.

  • madwoman

    Funny, the Flame “prowls” like the rest of us would run around spastically.

  • Megalon

    “Names like Doctor Doom, the Red Skull, Deathstroke… the list goes on.”

    I must disagree. Deathstroke is a damn goofy name (and so 80's it hurts). It sounds like the sort of thing some fifteen year old D&D player would name his chaotic evil mage-fighter character.

  • Michael

    I was thinking more a guy who's way too into golf.

  • AuroraMoon

    With that, I can't help but picture some sort of freakish, disfigured man who makes Frankenstein look tame by comparison. parts of his face would look like it was paralyzed and saggy due to the times he had been dead and resurrected so many times. He would speak in such a way that nobody wouldn't understand him at all…. spewing spit and drooling a little bit as he did so. he'd walk like a zombie somewhat.

    As an result, his “victims” wouldn't be so much panicking as they were completely disgusted at the thought of having to lay their eyes on somebody so gross-looking as doctor drool.

  • Wizard

    I think that “skull-headed monster” is supposed to be a tombstone, presumably the dribbling Doctor's.

    Gotta agree the dummy is lame, though. I mean, if you're going to all the trouble to place a fake body inside a sealed coffin, wouldn't you want something just a little more convincing? Oh, and shouldn't it have been a little harder to break into a burial vault?

  • ShadowWing Tronix

    Actually, I think the current “Black Lanterns” want a few words with him.

  • Mark

    Dr. Drool is so evil that he breaks the rules of grammar by using quotation marks when they aren't needed. Sadly, that's probably in his top ten evil accomplishments.

  • michaeltm

    Or David Carradine

  • Frank

    DOCTOR — hee hee hee hee hee — DROOL??!!??! What'd he do, kill with fatal doses of muscle relaxants?

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  • Anonymous

    Ages 3 and up, it’s on my box, ages 3 and up. I’m not supposed to be babysitting Doctor Drool.