The Definition of Bad-Ass.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 @ 1:00 am | Odd Bad Guys, What Were They Thinking

When becoming a super criminal, it’s important to pick a name that shows just how bad-ass you really are. The name should invoke some kind of primal fear in your target, or embrace a totem of some kind.

I would not, however, suggest a name that only invokes fear in people with fashion sense.

The good news is, that’s not his actual name.

The bad news is, the name he has inside is even lamer.

Honestly, I don’t care if you do create a costume with multi-colored dots, each with a different “deadly” power. If those are the best names you can think of, stay home and read a book. Really.

  • Naryldor

    Surely, he became a criminal too seek vengeance after being rejected as M&M’s mascot…

  • Tony

    How the hell did they NOT have this guy meet Marvels “The Spot” when they did Marvel vs DC.

    It would have been interesting, atleast it would have probably been better than Namor vs Aquaman (with the Ninja Whale)

  • Megalon

    I like how his henchmen are careful not to look anymore dignified than their boss. Pumpkin orange and purple/plaid suits? Now that’s loyalty!

    Anyway, this guy should team up with Rainbow Raider the old Clock King (the one with an alarm clock for a head) and The Killer Moth. That’s a villain team-up I’d like to see.

  • HellRazor

    This guy would be a natural arch enemy for the Star Spangled Kid’s sidekick, Stripsey!

  • Steppen

    I personnaly tend to think that he’d better team up with Cruela De Vil from disney’s 101 dalmatians :D

  • HellRazor

    “Call me… Mr. Polka Dot.”

    It’s like the writers knew how lame this character was and even gave up trying to name him. “Screw it, let’s just cash the paycheck and move on to the next story!”

  • Pietro

    could it be more awesome? maybe if he wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bizarre polka-dot bikini.

  • Dave D

    I was kinda hoping his full name was “Bizarre Polka-Dot Man” as it sort of implies there’s a “Normal” or perhaps “Conservative Polka-Dot Man” running around Gotham somewhere.

  • Clarkins

    Did he have any dots with magnetic powers?

  • BetaRayWilliam

    Why do I have a craving for Wonder White bread?

  • Jeff

    They were ALL magnetic. That’s how they stayed on his costume, after all.

  • onion3000

    Usually when this sort of fantastic, impossible technology is displayed, Batman puts two and two together and realises that it’s an alien using super-science. This time he didn’t, and why? Because it wasn’t an alien, just some bloke with spots.
    World’s greatest detective my arse – just an incredibly lucky guesser.

  • Maniac Doc

    Well, that is an abysmal name. But I have to grant a little amnesty because it’s gotta be damned hard thinking up a polka-dotted theme name that DOESN’T sound awful.

    By the by, “flaming sun?” Was the much simpler term “fireball” inadequate, somehow?

  • Michael

    He *is* badass.

    His name is bad, and his costume is ass.

  • Pietro

    how does he remember which dot does what? i mean, it would be really awful if he ripped one off his costume with the intent for it to be a flying saucer and ended up jumping upon the surface of a FLAMING SUN!

  • Dierna

    Future Mr. Polka Dot planning to be a villian: “Lesse… velkro, dots that appear to change into whatever…super dumb lackeys…”

    Typolad… trying to find more info on this fellow I found that IGN beat you to poking fun of him…with even MORE pics from the issue. *lol*

    Isn’t there a Marvel villian with similar outfit?? He had the ability to travel thru wormholes or something?

  • LittlePig

    Anyway, this guy should team up with Rainbow Raider the old Clock King (the one with an alarm clock for a head) and The Killer Moth. That’s a villain team-up I’d like to see.

    Yeah – Rainbow, Moth, Polka-Dotty and Time. Simon and Garfunkel sang about ‘em.

  • Woodgate

    Look in the bottom right hand corner; Even the batmobile’s expression seems to say “Oh, for G-d’s sake!”

    And another appearence of Batman’s odd shadow, I wonder if Francis Ford Coppola was a fan when he made Dracula (Judging by his nephew, I’d say yes)

  • Comixbear

    And the next issue introduced his sidekick, Shoes-Clashing Kid!

  • HellRazor

    I think you’ve hit it. The perfect name for the 2008 revamp of this guy.

    Tremble in fear, fools, before the dreaded Polka-Dotty!

  • Pól Rua

    Anyway, this guy should team up with Rainbow Raider the old Clock King (the one with an alarm clock for a head) and The Killer Moth. That’s a villain team-up I’d like to see.

    No Crazy-Quilt? No Signalman? Kiteman?

  • Saurian200

    According to the latest issue of Justice League, apparently Mr. Poka-Dot is still active in Gotham.

    Wonder Woman was not impressed and Batman tried to pretend that he had been stuck in traffic ratherthan admit he’d been fighting such a lame villian.

    It just goes to show that no matter how amazingly bad an idea is, someone will find it nostalgic and want to use anyway.

  • James

    Mr. Polka Dot builds strong bodies 12 different ways!

  • JackNCSY

    Nobody mentioned that this was Detective #300. Can you see wasting such a milestone nowadays on a lame one-off villain?

  • Prudynce

    Who is this guy? Little Dot’s father?

  • Scrounge

    What were the alternatives? “The Dalmatian” isn’t much better, and “Cheetah” is both inaccurate (unless he’s got super-speed) and already taken.