Last Night’s Episode of The Flash (spoilers)

Dec 03, 2014 in Uncategorized

Last night, The Arrow came to Central City. Why? To investigate a murder. What led them to The Flash’s turf? The murder weapon was examined and “I found iron oxide on it. Since Central City has the highest concentrations of iron oxide in the US…”.

Iron oxide. As in rust.


For real?

Barbara Gordon Is Not Subtle.

Nov 13, 2014 in Freudian Images, What Were They Thinking

Let me start by saying the new Batgirl design is neat. The concept is fun. With that said, there are some story flaws and I think the writer needs to trust the artist more and use fewer words.

Except in this panel.



See, in the previous panel, Babs had knocked over some tubing before meeting hot guy. So of course, she is picking the tubing up. The nice, phallic tubing. One of which is held at crotch level.

Okay, maybe it’s not only the writer who needs to work on subtlety

Aw Snap, It’s The Falcon

Aug 15, 2014 in Racism

Comics Should Be Good has a great article about my least favorite retcon: That Sam “The Falcon” Wilson was actually a fake personality created by the Red Skull. Who was the real Sam Wilson? A street hustler/pimp who went by the name “Snap”.

Ick. Have always hated that this strong, upstanding hero was turned into a cliche. Later writers either ignored it or addressed it in passing, as the article above notes. Current Captain America writer Rick Remender plans on jettisoning it, thank goodness.

But it inspired an internet  friend, who used to go by the screen name of Mac Danny, to create the below:




Archie Is Smutty

Jul 25, 2014 in Freudian Images, What Were They Thinking

As I was packing for a move, I noticed something interesting about a map found in one of my daughter’s comics. The map in question comes from Free Comic Book Day 2007′s Li’l Archie* comic. I’ve cropped so the relevant portions stand out.



I don’t know what’s better – the “Coochy Canal” under the “Very Thick Woods”,  or how “Beaver Brook” connects to the “Logger’s Pond” via the “Wam Bam Dam”.

And I’m not even touching the Bat Cave jokes.
*Why did everyone call him Li’l Archie when he was little, anyway? There wasn’t a Big Archie yet to compare to. It’s just weird.

Lingual Shifts: Literary Classic Edition

Jun 03, 2014 in What Were They Thinking

My daughter read “A Murder Is Announced”, by Agatha Christie for class. We found the below excerpt to be a fascinating example of how slang changes:

What sort of a place is Chipping Cleghorn?’ asked Sir Henry.

‘A large sprawling picturesque village. Butcher, baker, grocer, quite a good antique shop-two tea-shops. Self-consciously a beauty spot. Caters for the motoring tourist. Also highly residential. Cottages formerly lived in by agricultural labourers now converted and lived in by elderly spinsters and retired couples. A certain amount of building done round about in Victorian times.’

‘I know,’ said Sir Henry. ‘Nice old Pussies and retired Colonels. Yes, if they noticed that advertisement they’d all come sniffing round at 6.30 to see what was up. Lord, I wish I had my own particular old Pussy here. Wouldn’t she like to get her nice ladylike teeth into this. Right up her street it would be.’

‘Who’s your own particular Pussy, Henry? An aunt?’

‘No,’ Sir Henry sighed. ‘She’s no relation.’ He said reverently: ‘She’s just the finest detective God ever made. Natural genius cultivated in a suitable soil.’

He turned upon Craddock.

‘Don’t you despise the old Pussies in this village of yours, my boy,’ he said. 

And in case you think “ ”Lord, I wish I had my own particular old Pussy here,” is the best quote ever, this gem shows up later:

‘George, it’s my own particular, one and only, four-starred Pussy. The super Pussy of all old Pussies.”

Why is this not a t-shirt?

Bad Science On Bleeding Cool

Feb 12, 2014 in Bad Science, What Were They Thinking

Bleeding Cool has a great article on some really, really bad science in this week’s Thor. Yes, science. In Thor. Really.
Best bit? They close with one of the images clipped by this blog.

Thousands of eyes, seeing the image I picked out.

I miss that.

Tommy Troy’s All Grown Up

Nov 21, 2013 in Creepy Relationships, Sexism, What Were They Thinking

Tommy Troy starts out as a Captain Marvel riff, a kid gifted by a mentor with strange powers. Eventually, they jump to him being an adult. A lawyer, no less. Complete with secretary.

Source: Some old Archie comic.

Source: Some old Archie comic.

What? Surely you don’t expect him to pack for himself?

And no, the “master” is not meant sarcastically.

Try Not To Think About This

Nov 15, 2013 in Odd Powers

Tommy Troy is The Fly. Gifted a magic amulet by an inter-dimensional fly-man (yes, really), he was originally a child who could turn into an adult, then later an adult who became super-powered. His abilities? Vague insect powers. What kind of powers?




That’s not how honey is made. For those who know how honey is made, best not to create too vivid a picture of Tommy Troy’s delivery method.